After the election, I began wearing white on Wednesdays as a quiet, silent, outward protest and active honoring towards the women in my life.

To the women that came before.

To the women here now.

To the women that come after.

In the past, suffragettes and civil rights activists wore white to vote, wore white to protest, wore white to show solidarity and unity.

And now, we wear white.

Some of us wore white on election day.

Some of us wore white to the women’s march.

Some of us wear white each and every Wednesday in an effort to show our strength and solidarity in workplace, at school, at home, or at the store.

There has been so much conjecture around the Women’s March and what it meant.  That it was solely about abortion rights or that it was just a chance for women to be bitches and complain.

It was more than that to me…  it was more than that to most.

I am raising two young men.  I want them to grow up, seeing women not as possessions to be had, but as equals to go toe to toe with.  I want them to have respect and understanding and empathy.  I want them to challenge the status quo and to see it is okay to stand up for what you believe in and to protect those that need protecting – in a way that is in step with and alongside of, not in a demeaning or condescending way.

In unity.

I want my nieces to make as much as my sons.

I want my friends who are in the LGBTQ community to have the same freedoms that I do – the freedom to marry (or divorce if it comes to that), to have children, to buy a cake, to shop for art supplies, or whatever else they want to do without issues.

I want to walk down the street and not get heckled, stared at, or assaulted because I am a woman.

I want to know that it is not okay for a man to grab me anywhere that I don’t want to be grabbed, even if I am in a bikini or a mini-skirt.  Unless you ask and I say yes – hands off.

I want friends of various faiths to feel safe.

I want those most vulnerable and in need to feel at home in this land built by immigrants, for immigrants, on land that wasn’t theirs.

I want us to be the country of refuge we should be.

I want love to win the day.  Light to overtake the dark.  Unity and understanding to stand up to chaos.

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Love. Light. Unity. Respect. Peace.

Not misogyny, fascism, racism, and xenophobia.

And in order to help with that, I wear white.

I shine my light.

I stand up.

I take a step forward.

I say my truth.

We all deserve the right to live here.  We all deserve the right to feel safe.  We all deserve the right to be free, healthy, happy, and loved.

Let us not forget the women who have blazed a path through history and those that continue to forge that path to this day.


Now – if you want to help with the fight and support the ACLU as they fight against the current immigration and travel ban, as well as other acts against our citizens, 75% of all proceeds will go directly to the ACLU from our #wearwhitewednesday gear through TeeSpring.  Help us support those out there fighting for us on the front lines!


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  1. Bookmarked the page- Should be doable.I’m a Pro-lifer bleeding heart liberal, so if you’ll have me I’ll stand with you.

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