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I have written about this more times than I care to.

I have been writing it in my head, in my art journals, and on my computer over and over.

Each time the story changes slightly… each time I was in a different stage of dealing with a 2 year lock down. (Don’t know the story – that’s okay.  I used to work at Fiskars.)

Each time I was feeling sorry for myself.  Each time I was not taking action.  Each time I was blaming and shaming at some level.

Two years came and went.  October 2nd will be forever known as liberation day at my house and it was over and done with before I knew it.

Life went on.

It keeps moving on.

I had planned to tell the full tale of how things came to be… then I realized I didn’t need to and didn’t want to.  Things happened.

Life happened.

And now that it is all over and done with without any real fanfare or earth-shattering issues, I am moving on.

Quickly and excitedly, I am moving on.

It is funny how things change, evolve, and adjust in life.  How loyalty that only runs one way can upset the apple cart so profoundly, yet quietly.  You find yourself in a position of making an announcement that you never dreamed of just 2 years ago… and yet you are beyond thrilled to be making it.

Today I am announcing a HUGE change in my crafting professional life.

Just days after my October 2nd release date, I was in contact with a colleague in the UK and by Friday of this past week, he and I, along with another colleague from California were on the phone and I was on a brand new path.

I am back in the craft world, officially.

I will be working, starting immediately, part-time as an Engagement Marketer for the US market for Tonic Studios.

I am blessed, happy, and ready to get started.

The Tonic team has been soooo amazing to work with these last few weeks and I could not be more ready to jump in and help them grow their market share and their brand recognition in the US.

I will be helping them with social media engagement, product launches, and so much more…

I am going to be creating, playing, sharing, blogging, and curating projects, ideas, tips, and tricks for several of their products here in the US.

I cannot wait to get started and I hope that you will come along on this adventure with me!!

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  1. Congratulations of your Liberation! I’ve been following along as time has gone by and I am excited beyond words that you have made it through. Tonic is one of my all time favorites and I will be excited to see what you do there. Thanks Stephenie for all you have given to our crafty world. You have indeed touch my heart and influenced my art and I am grateful.

  2. I am so happy for you! Congratulations! I am happy that you are free again and can’t wait to see what amazing things you will do with this new adventure!!!

  3. This is thrilling to hear, Stephenie! How wise for Tonic to recognize and invest in you and your talent. Can’t wait to watch the next part of your journey unfold. Way to persevere!

  4. Congratulations! You are back where you need to be. So happy for you. Tonic will now become one of my favorites. We crafty people have to support each other.

  5. Yeah!!! So excited your you Steph! I love the tonic products I have!! Excited to see what your adventures bring!

  6. Congratulations on your new venture!! How fun!! I haven’t really ever heard or had much to do with Tonic, so I am excited to see what they have and for you to post about it.

  7. I am beyond excited for you girlfriend. I am ready to see you back in the game. You are too talented and good at what you do to sit back and watch the world go by. Welcome home…you are back!!!!!

  8. Congratulations! I am so very happy for you and your new journey. I look forward to learning about Tonic Studios.

  9. Congratulations, so happy for you. Looking forward to learning more from Tonic. You are so creative.

  10. Congrats Steph! I’m so glad you are able to get back into the craft industry and into what you love!

  11. Congrats on your new job as our fearless leader at Tonic USA! In exploring here, I see you are living in Wisconsin too! Gail (the newest dt member) is also a Master Gardener and from Wisconsin, as is Kathleen Sanders and so am I! Heidi is from Minnesota so the Midwest is well represented with some great talent. Hope to meet you at CHA!

  12. Hi Stephanie – I just found you as I was getting ready for CHA. It is wonderful to hear that all is working well for you. Dale (Scissors and the City)
    Hope to see you in Phoenix this year.

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