marinating in love…


A friend of mine once told me this.  It is something another mother once told her and I feel like I need to pass it on…

Your kids will be fine.

  • If they miss a meal for a longer nap, they will be fine.
  • If you yelled at them over something silly today, they will be fine.
  • If you didn’t read them the bedtime story last night, they will be fine.

Marinate them in love and they will be fine.

They won’t remember the little mistakes or compromises made here and there.  They won’t remember you telling them no or skipping the library or not giving them veggies for dinner last night.

What they will remember is knowing that they are loved.

That is the most important thing you can do.  Even on the days when it all seems lost and hopeless, like you are being a bad parent, or like you are creating little monsters, hug them, tell them you love them, and just fill their hearts, and yours, will unending love.

No parent is perfect – at least no parent of this earth.

Other parents, family, and even friends love to weigh in on how you are doing things, especially if it is not how they would do it, have done it, or are doing it right now.  As humans, we think that judging is a sport for all to partake in, forgetting that it isn’t.

All that they need to be concerned with is whether or not your kids are fed and cared for.

  • If you buy them a plastic toy to keep them from screaming at Target – that’s not theirs to have a voice in.
  • If you choose to keep your kids on a schedule so that they eat and sleep when they are supposed to, that’s your decision, not theirs.
  • If you choose to not let your kids play football because you don’t want them to get hurt – your choice.

Are you marinating them in love?  Are you letting them know that you care, in your own unique and quirky way?  Are you letting them know that they can count on you?

Then the kids will be fine.

We need to stop being so hard on ourselves and on other parents.  Parenting is an excruciatingly hard, painful, soul-sucking, and thankless job that a huge bit of the population does on top of going to a full time job, taking care of a house, and everything else that goes on in life.

And it is also the opportunity of a lifetime that nothing can replace.  It is magical, beautiful, and full of miracles in every little moment.

Cut yourself some slack.  Cut other parents some slack too…

Marinate in love…

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