a new year, a new mantra


Last year I did a free class on creating your core mantra and my mantra was “Living my dreams in 2015” with “dream” being my main word for the year.

I followed my own advice from that class (it is still available and still free) and did the same thing again for 2016, creating a mantra that I feel is important and special for where I am for this year.

My word:  Intention

My mantra: Living with intention in 2016.

I think it is critical to actively slow my life down.

Often I feel like it is passing me by so fast that when I blink I don’t actually see anything but a blur of kids and meals and laundry and work and homework and bowling practice and more of the same, over and over again.

I want to breathe in the magic of my life, little moment by little moment, intentionally paying attention to what is happening around me.

So this year there are no resolutions that I won’t keep anyway; no unrealistic expectations.

There is just a mantra.

What is your core mantra for 2016?

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