upcoming: 40 days of intention and attention


Early next year, which is actually only a few days away now, I will be turning 40.

Yup.  The big four-oh.

And I am good with that.

I feel like I have gotten to a point in my life where I am happy with who I am as a person and who I want to be moving forward.

Part of that has come from a yoga and meditation practice that has gone a bit defunct through the holidays, but has still had a significant impact on me.

Moving into January, I want to take time each day to live with intention and to do a better job of paying attention…  here’s what I mean:


  • To not be so quick to anger
  • To be thoughtful in how I approach people
  • To be thoughtful in how I approach my life


  • Notice the little moments when the kids giggle over silly jokes.
  • Fully engage in a board game without any digital or personal distractions
  • Actively listen to a story – no multi-tasking allowed.

These little things, when I do them now, make all of the difference in the world to my daily life.  They change my perspective, mood, and relationships all in a positive way.

So, starting on January 2nd, I will be posting about either an intention or a little episode of paying attention that made a positive change in my day…  it could be something as simple as noticing the points on a snowflake to an hour long talk with my sister.

The goal is to do this for 40 days, leading up to my birthday.  I am hoping to kick of the new year and a new decade with a new habit in place…  a habit of being more involved and engaged with the people and the world around me.

I hope you will join me on this adventure – it could get very interesting!

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