umwow swap with hazel & ruby…

I love getting to play and create for a living – it truly reminds me how blessed I am.

Getting to create this project made me even more happy because I got to create, not only with the fabulousness that Hazel & Ruby provides, but I got to use some fun products from UmWow too!

um wow hazel and ruby swap final 2

Here’s what you will need:

umwow with hazel and ruby 1

How to put it together:

1.  Paint the base of the frame white so that when you add the tissue paper you get a good result.

um wow painting pieces for hazel and ruby swap

2.  Paint the rest of the UmWow pieces and let them dry.

um wow pieces drying

3.  Decoupage on a single sheet of the Hazel & Ruby tissue paper.  Let that dry completely.  Trim off any excess.

um wow swap decoupaging on hazel and ruby paper

um wow swap trimming paper edges of hazel and ruby paper

4.  Add glitter to arrow and let that dry.

5.  Begin layering pieces.

um wow assembling pieces

6.  Use pop dots on the photo to add extra dimension and depth.

um wow adding photo

7.  Finish adding additional pieces over the photo to complete the project!

um wow final assembly

Now you can display this lovely little piece anywhere in the house!

um wow hazel and ruby swap final 1



umwow swap with hazel & ruby… — 3 Comments

  1. Great way to remember an important member of the family.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. I love how you used paint on the wood pieces. I always wonder what to do with them—I have several sets…..thank you. I just LOVE this project, and am inspired to finally make one for my doggy.

  3. I love the way you layered the different pieces. Thanks for the detailed instructions! Super project

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