breathe – an ImpressArt pendant project

I have taken the last few weeks off to just try and sort through some stuff at home and on a personal level.

This week, however, I am back at it in terms of making, creating, and playing.

My first order of business, however, was to create a little reminder for myself – a necklace with the word “breathe” and a Buddha stamped into it.  Hopefully this little necklace will be a reminder to take time and slow down when I feel overwhelmed to just breathe.

breathe charm for impressart final 2

Here’s how I put this lovely little necklace together:


impressart breathe necklace supplies

To create the necklace:

1.  Tape your blank to your block.

taping blank down to impressart stamping block

2.  Holding your metal stamps at the base for maximum stability, with the logo facing you, begin stamping your letters from the top down, aligning them in the center.  ***Tip***  If you think you might not have hit your letter hard enough or it wasn’t flat on the surface – DO NOT lift you stamp up.  It is very difficult to line it back up if you do.  Instead, just hold it steady and hit it again.

hold impressart stamps at base for most stability and best results

breathe stamped into blank with impressart stamps

3.  Rotate the bar and retape it to the block.

4.  Stamp your Buddha into the side.

buddah stamped into the side of the breathe pendant with impressart stamps

5.  Add black acrylic paint to the word “breathe” and then wipe off the excess.

adding black paint to breathe on impressart pewter pendant

paint inlaid into breathe stamping on pewter impressart pendant

6.  String your bar onto the jump ring, along with a fun little charm.

assemble impressart pendant and create breathe charm

7.  Add it to a chain.

breathe impressart pewter pendant charm on chain

All that you need now is to take a few minutes and remember to breathe.  Hopefully this lovely little necklace will be just the reminder I need to do just that!

breathe charm for impressart final 3

Happy Monday!


breathe – an ImpressArt pendant project — 2 Comments

  1. Sometimes when things are piling up on you, breathe is a soothing word. Taking a few minutes just to breathe and think can calm us.

  2. Thank you for providing such clear instructions. I would love to try this. What size jump ring did you use?

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