doodle 101 giveaway!


Today I am going to give away a seat in my Doodle 101 class

Well, actually, two!

Leave a comment below telling me why you and a friend would love to take this class and I will pick the winners tomorrow morning (Thursday – 1/29).

I am so excited about this class and I hope that you are too!

And, in case you don’t win, remember you can still save 25% thru Feb. 1 using the code “doodle101”.


doodle 101 giveaway! — 6 Comments

  1. I think doodling would be a very relaxing and fun thing to do. I would like my mom to be able to take the class also because she just had particle knee replacement and it would keep her busy!!

  2. PS: I have already signed up but I would still like a chance for my mom to take the class too!! I think she would really like it.

  3. I have self-diagnosed ADHD and must doodle through every meeting I go to. I could definitely use some new doodling ideas! I’m sure my daughter, Jodie, would love love it too!

  4. I want to create, but think that all of my talent is in my baby toe. Would love to find out if I had a hidden talent. My friend? She is so creative that she could be my moral support!

  5. I would love to do this class – no friend? I am sort of stuck in the house.. I am a full time caregiver to my 21 year old son who has severe autism and profound mental retardation. He is petrified to leave the house. I will not place him in a residential institution b/c after caring for him for 21 years – I have found that my reason for being here (I think) on this earth was to take care of him. However, I lost myself through all this. I don’t even have a favorite color? Hard to explain. Long story of battles in court for services that help his basic human dignity (fighting for speech therapy so that he can learn to communicate (not talk) but communicate his wants and needs. I recently renewed my love of art by starting my own art journal. I do this during the hours when he sleeps. It is so refreshing to find out there is something I can do for me. Hope that doesn’t sound selfish but it is awesome. I would love to take this class to help me learn more of what I need (I am just sort of creating blindly) – nothing I would ever show to anyone, but it is something I do for ME! If I won – I would seriously give up my “friend” slot for someone who commented above. Good luck to everybody – thanks for offering a chance at winning!!!!!!

  6. I’m a teacher & doodler by nature! I’d love to increase my knowledge of all types of art & bring them to life in the classroom! My friend Tracey, who is also a teacher, & I could inspire doodling & create young doodle artists!

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