it is a handmade holiday – teacher’s gift

This year I am doing a lot of handmade gifts.  Not that I don’t normally, but given the lack of paying gig right now, it is looking like even more gifts will be handmade this year.

Now, this does require an amount of time to do, but in the end, I truly believe it is worth it.  It is definitely a way that I can show how important someone is to our family.  In this case, it is teacher time!

Handmade Holidays - teacher gift.  Hand stamped metal necklace using ImpressArt Lollipop font stamps and banner blanks!

I feel like they always end up with the same stuff over and over, so why not create a piece that is as unique and special as they are.

This year I decided to make hand stamped necklaces for the teachers.  This one says “inspire” because that is what they do everyday – they inspire young minds, hearts, and souls to take flight.

Here’s what you will need:

impress art lollipop font inspire necklace supplies


Here’s how to create your project:

1.  Tape your blank to the stamping block

impress art taping down bezel for stamping

2.  Use your marker to create a base line and marks for where your letters will line up.

3.  Ink your letter stamp and then tap it a few times gently to get your impression on your marked spot.

impress art stamping letters into metal

4.  Clean off the marker ink.

impress art finished stamped inspire necklace piece

impress art finished and cleaned inspire piece

5.  Add your jump rings and string onto your chain.

impress art strung pendant for inspire necklace

Now all that is left is to wrap this beauty up and give it to a teacher near and dear to your heart!

inspire on chalk


Happy Handmade Holidays!







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