day 5: fun and festive acorn ornament

I am not sure why, but I see acorns everywhere right now!  So, I thought why not make my own unique spin on the acorn ornament trend!

Happy Acorn ornament DIY main

Here’s what you will need:

supplies for acorn ornament how to tutorial

  • Burlap ribbon
  • Gray (or any color you choose) rickrack
  • Hot glue
  • Round foam ball
  • Pretty pin

Here’s how to put it together:

1.  Cut your burlap into narrow strips – about 1/2″ wide.

cutting burlap ribbon into strips for diy acorn ornament tutorial

2.  Take two strips, wrapping them around the middle of the ball and securing them with hot glue.

wrapped burlap around the middle fo the acorn ornament

3.  Start laying strips up and over the top of the base of the ball.  Continue adding and gluing until the base is filled in.

starting to build the bottom of the acorn ornament with burlap strips diy how to tutorial  closeup of middle of acorn ornament

4.  Start wrapping and gluing the rickrack all the way around from the middle where the burlap is, up to the top.  Then go back and add a few extra layers around the middle area to make the base of the acorn’s cap.

wrapping rickrack and gluing it to create the cap of the acorn ornament

4.  Create a loop out of rickrack and secure it into the top center to create a hanging loop for your ornament.

adding hanging loop to acorn ornament diy project

Now all you need to do is adorn your tree!

acorn ornament final

Happy Holidays!


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