day 4: simple tinsel tree

*** edit notes:  It helps to make sure that you set 2014 as the year, not 2015, when you pre-schedule a blog post to go live.  That would be why this one is a day late…  I set it for launch yesterday, November 22nd, or so I thought.  I set if for 11/22/2015 instead.  So, my apologies on being a day late and a dollar, or more, short.  That said, I have moved the other posts back a day to get us back on track.

Now on to our blog post…


Day 4’s project is a fast and simple one that I love.  I truly have an affinity for Christmas trees so finding new ways to create my own mini versions of them is something I love to do.

Day 4 main image #12craftydays

What you will need:

tinsel garland tree diy supplies

  • Tinsel garland in any color you choose
  • Chipboard or cardboard
  • White paint
  • Hot glue
  • Metal flashing tape or duck tape
  • Heavy floral wire
  • Foam cone shape (for template purposes only)
  • Scissors

How to put it all together:

1.  Take 2 pieces of floral wire and tape them together securely.  Make sure to make this tight.

floral wire wrapped and secured for tinsel garland mini tree diy how to tutorial project

2.  Using your foam cone, wrap your wire around it to create your tree shape.

creating tree wire template using foam cone for tinsel tree diy

3.  Secure the first full loop together to create a base and tape securely together.

securing base wire of tinsel garland tree how to tutorial diy project

4.  Paint your chipboard and let it dry.

painting chipboard for christmas tree tinsel diy project

5.  Using your scissors, cut out a circle that matches the bottom of your tree base.  Put it to the side.

cutting out tinsel tree base from chipboard

6.  Begin wrapping and gluing the garland around your template.  This can be done with small lengths.  You will cover any and all gaps, so no worries.  Glue every few wraps to prevent sliding or bunching of the garland.

addining tinsel to wire frame creating tinsel garland mini tree continuing to add tinsel garland to wire base to create tree

7.  Glue your tree to the base and establish your final tree shape by maneuvering the wire as needed.

final tree positioning for tinsel garland mini tree diy how to tutorial

Just find a fun spot to display your tree and you are all set!

tinsel garland mini tree for Christmas final



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