day 3: hand stamped metal and frame ornament

Day three is here!

I was lucky enough to get a great goodie box in the mail this week from ImpressArt which included their newest font “lollipop” and some blanks to play with.  As soon as it arrived, I broke it out and got to work on this little frame ornament!

Hand stamped metal and frame ornament main

Supplies you will need:

supplies for personalized metal stamped ornament

Here is how to put it together:

1.  Remove the paper from inside the frame. Trace the shape onto you decorative paper and cut it out. Put it to the side.

Step one of DIY hand stamped metal ornament

2.  Put your stamping blank onto the stamping block.  Tape it down with the washi tape. Using your pencil, mark where you want to stamp your letters.

Marking where to stamp on metal

3.  Lightly ink the stamp and gently hammer the image, letters, or numbers you want to include.

Stamping letters on metal Letters hand stamped into metal

4.  Tie some bakers twine through the hole.

Finished personalized stamped metal bezel

5.  Hot glue your stamped blank to the paper and put it all into the frame!

Frame finished and put together

6.  You can be done now and leave it as a frame … Or… Pull the stand off of the back and then tie some baker’s twine through the top and create an ornament – the choice is yours!

Frame  Remove backer from frame Tie string onto frame

I love this project because it simple, yet personal. I hope you enjoyed it too!

Final personalized metal stamped Christmas ornament how to tutorial


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