#12craftydays – day 1: wreath ornament

I had this idea to take and create 12 days worth of fun and functional holiday decor items that can be done pretty inexpensively for the most part.

All of the projects in the next 12 days will be handmade and/or are taking thrifted items and upcycling them for holiday fun.  I am so excited to create some unique and special pieces that are easy to replicate and add personality and individuality to your holiday decor.

Today we are kicking off with a simple holiday ornament!

diy holiday ornament for Christmas

Grey grapevine wreaths are very popular right now, so I thought I would do my own twist and create a mini one for the tree!

Chirstmas ornament diy


  • Mini grapevine wreath
  • Grey paint
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pearls or other fun accessories
  • Alphabet squares

Here’s how to put it all together…

1.  Paint your wreath on both sides.  There will be brown showing through – that is fine and it adds that vintage/rustic touch to it.

diy painted Christmas ornament for the holidays Christmas ornament diy

2.  Wrap your decorative ribbon – I am using pompoms – around your wreath and secure.

Handmade Christmas ornament project diy tutorial

3.  Hot glue on your letters.

Christmas ornament tutorial and how to  Jingle ornament

4.  Add in any additional bling – in this case the pearls.

5.  Tie on a ribbon to use to hang it from the tree!

Hanging Christmas ornament diy tutorial

Christmas ornament

Now all that is left is to get the other 100+ ornaments up and on the tree…  guess it is time to get to work!



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  1. Great first start, I love the little wreath, looking forward to tomorrow!

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