the end of an era…

This is one of the hardest posts I have ever had to write.


Yesterday a major chapter in my life came to a close.

For more than 8 years I have been an active part of the Fiskars family. It has been more than a job – it was an adventure.

I was blessed to travel the US and Canada, making friends from every different walk of life.  I planted gardens in cities.  I crafted with thousands of people.

I was given an opportunity to try something completely new and different from the world I had been in.  I learned so much about business, marketing, research, social media, and product that I am forever grateful.  I truly had the chance to learn an entirely new line of work while on the job itself.  Not often does that happen, so I cannot thank the team at Fiskars enough for giving me such a chance, guiding my path along the way, and nurturing my growth.

I am most grateful, however, for the friendships that were forged along the way.  I have made lifelong friends and partners around the country and across the globe doing what I love.  I cannot thank those of you whom I have worked with from different groups and companies for your generous support and your amazing partnership.  Working with you has been a pleasure.  For those of you that are also my friends, know that your friendship is cherished and you are and will always be a part of my life.  Thank you for blessing me with your love in my life.

Thank you for embracing this little girl from the back of the crop room in the suburbs of Chicago, teaching her the ropes, and allowing her to crash the crafty party.

Now it is time for me to grab my pen, turn the page, and begin writing a new chapter, embracing this new adventure…

Thank you for coming along on the ride!

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  1. aww..didn’t know you were leaving Fiskars! It’s been fun meeting you and what are you going to do next? (besides focus on your health) 🙂

  2. Oh wow, didn’t realize you were leaving. Good luck with whatever is next for you 🙂

  3. Best of luck on whatever the future holds for you!! Can’t wait to see where you turn up!!!

  4. Thank GOD you were with Fiskars….cause I met one amazing talented lady, artist and friend !!!! GOOD LUCK with the next chapter of your life !!!!!

  5. All you need is a song to play as the pictures scroll by, beautiful, it made me cry! You are such a blessing to all our lives, I’m excited for your next adventure. It will be colorful and fabulous! You are a rock star!!! LOVE and hugs and lots of glitter!!!

  6. Good luck! I can’t wait to hear all about your next adventure…. Fiscars won’t be the same without you!! ♡

  7. Best wishes to a true original. Here’s to the next chapter!

  8. Wow! Congratulations on your next chapter! I wish you all the best! I know Fiskars has been an important and awesome part of your life! You will be awesome at what lies ahead! I am so anxious to hear what it is! Loved all the pics, what great memories! Much love to you!

  9. Good luck as your new adventure begins. You have been such a wonderful friend. I am sure you will be a success in whatever you endeavor.

  10. Stephenie dear, it’s been great to be a part of your story. I can’t wait to see what you come up with from here. The best of luck and all good things.~~Dee

  11. So hope your new adventure is as happy as this was. Big HUGS!!!!

  12. so you just leave us hanging? We want details! What’s up buttercup? We all want to hear what has grabbed your heart next. Congratulations and best wishes for a new adventure!

  13. Good luck, Steph! Thanks for everything over the years. Hugs.

  14. You are one creative lady with a beautiful heart. I often think about all the fun times we shared all thanks to those special orange handles. Life is your canvas – No one can paint it but you! Fisk-a-hugs my friend.

  15. Big hugs, friend! You *are* Fiskars to me. You will be so missed! Best wishes on your next adventure. 🙂

  16. Stephanie,

    I am also on pins and needles waiting for the reveal of your new chapter……

    On a side note, I will never forget the San Antonio Nifty Fifty trip and still carry those memories with me on a daily basis. The trip never would have been possible without you pulling me out of a class as well. Thank you to you and Fiskars for that trip and tools received!

    Leslie in Peoria

  17. Aw Steph, Fiskars will not be the same without you! I’m sure your next adventure will be awesome though! I look forward to hearing where your artistic heart leads you!

  18. Wow has it really been eight years??? It was a pleasure to get to know you online steph. I’ll be watching where you land next

  19. Wow . . . I was just talking about those memories with you and you were ready to fly off to another adventure. The memories are warm and they will remain close to my heart. I don’t know what your new chapter brings but I am wishing you the best!!!! Warmest wishes from #002 to #003.

  20. What a shocker! I hope this is all part of your plan and a move that you are happily absorbing. I just sent you a card at Fiskars. I hope you got it, cuz I do miss you a hole punch! :o) Suzi 5563

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