Today I have this sense of being blessed in so many aspects of my life.


So, tonight I send out this message as a list of thanks:

  • Jacob is 9 today.  He’s handsome, smart, funny, artistic, caring, and all mine.     jacob cubs game
  • I have been blessed with an amazing family.
  • I am grateful for the fabulous group of friends that I have.  They never cease to surprise me.
  • Cake.  I am thankful for cake.
  • Sweaters that are as big as blankets – warm and stylish too…
  • I am blessed to be able to branch out and try something new – and have the support of my wonderful hubby.

Life is moving so fast – kids are growing by leaps and bounds, days are getting colder and shorter, and I want to stop and remember it, savor it, and enjoy it.

Tonight I take time to breathe, snuggle, and just enjoy it all.

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