change – a poem

Today I spent my entire day with Owen.  Just the two of us.  Jacob and Matt were off on their own adventure and it was just Owen and I here at home together.  It was a totally lazy day – movies, munchies, and just spending time together.

At one point, he wanted to play video games, so I went to the studio and did some painting.

While waiting for stuff to dry, I took a few moments and meditated in the quiet.  I meditated on a few simple words: Fly, Soar, Be Brave, Go Boldly.


During this meditation, I felt a few moments of peace, of contentment.  And then it was there that I wrote a few words on the idea of change.  A few words that stirred my soul.

change – a poem

change comes at the most inopportune times

it is not controlled by me
 or anyone

change is it’s own force
 and worrying
           the aftermath

that which does not kill me shall not make my

strength, independence, and creativity are my fuel

your lack of  identity and abundance of doubt
   are not my problem

your problems are yours
 but they are the ignition of my unforeseen changes

you may pour the gas
 i control the burn

change is coming it’s sweet lighter-fluid scented heat fills my air

be careful stay strong
     stay whole

embrace the fire use it as motivation

throw open the windows the shutters
     the doors

jump  you will not fall
     you will not fail

though control is futile
 and fire will scorch, scar, and scathe

new life

new growth


shall spring forth


Not sure where that all came from – sometimes it just flows out and I have to try and capture it before I lose the words.  I wrote it down, wanting to make sure that this one didn’t get away.

A lot of poetry is fleeting and I often am unable to get it all down as it comes fast and furious.  This one came so soft in the quiet of my meditation that it felt like it was meant to be kept.

I know that sounds a bit crazy, but sometime the creative process can feel that way – inspiration strikes when it wants, not always on our timetable.

While it is not my normal type of blog post, I wanted to share it as it is a bit of a meditation itself and a creative piece that I guess my brain has been working on for a while now.  Getting it out there sometimes is all that is needed.

I wish you all the best this upcoming week and may the fires of change create amazing new realities.


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