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I often find it hard to explain to people what it is like living with Fibro.  I can talk about the pain and the fatigue, but in the end I just sound like a complaining wuss.  Primarily because on the outside I look fine.

Maybe that is a bit strong, but still.

The other day, however, I read this blog post – The Spoon Theory – by Christine Miserandino.  Christine has Lupus, but a lot of the things she discusses apply.  Some days are better than others, with more spoons, or at least bigger spoons, and the issues might be different than her’s, but hopefully it will help explain better than I have been able to.

It is an accurate and compassionate way to explain what it is like to deal with something that people can’t see, but affects every aspect of your life.

I have linked to the blog post above.  If you have a couple minutes, please read it as it is an awesome and eye opening explanation.

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