been up to some fun…

That’s why I have been so quiet…

I have been working on several new art pieces – doodles, paintings, and mixed media fun that I will be displaying and selling at my first art event.  I have done the little craft shows, but that somehow feels different.

Putting my art out there, to be judged and sold and viewed seems so much more personal than the stuff I have sold at craft shows.  And I think it is…

This is so much more me – not trendy jewelry or cute wreaths that everyone wants.

This is art.  This is my heart.

Oh boy…  can’t back out now!  Space is rented, booth is coming together, and pieces are getting finished up.  Time to rip off the band aid and see how it goes.

I am putting myself out there – what’s the worst that can happen?

I spend the day surrounded by artists and local food, enjoying some people watching and chatting.  Sounds like a pretty good “worst” scenario.

So, if you are around on Sept. 6th, swing by downtown Sun Prairie, WI and say hi!

sun prairie wi art fest cannery square art fair


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