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Dream catcher from upcycled bike rim, vintage lace, fabrics, and trims with bling and flowers dream a little dream of me quote

I love to dream. Awake or asleep, there is just something amazing about dreams, isn’t here?

One thing that is critical about dreams, is to embrace them and act on them. Without action and love, they are nothing more than passing thoughts.

That said, I have decided that it is critical to catch my dreams, hence my new dream catchers.

I have several old bike rims (don’t ask why – I’m a crafter after all…) and I knew that they could make the coolest dream catchers so I set about trying it. I love how they are turning out.

The best part is, if you really want to, you can use clothespins to capture and hold your dreams right on the spokes!

Since my dream is all about living a creative and loving life, I want to give one of you the chance to win a custom dream catcher of your own…

Leave me a comment about one of your favorite life dreams and I will pick a winner next Tuesday, 6/3.

I will contact the winner and create a dream catcher that is personalized to them!

Dream catcher from upcycled bike rim, vintage trims, lace,fabric and bling dream a little dream of me quote

Dream catcher from upcycled bike rim, vintage trims, lace,fabric and bling dream a little dream of me quote

Dream catcher from upcycled bike rim, vintage trims, lace,fabric and bling dream a little dream of me quote


dream a little dream giveaway… — 15 Comments

  1. My favorite dream – and it’s reoccurring! – is of my mother. I miss her so much … it hurts! I LOVE your work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I dream of an art studio space!! No need to clean my mess, just leave it and come back next time;)

  3. One of my favorite life dreams is to live and artful life, constantly learning, creating and sharing. I’ve met some life long friends while make the journing to living my dream and it only gets better.

  4. I love my dreams where I flap my arms and can fly. It is really fun to do and the others in my dreams think it is amazing. I do have to relax and concentrate to have lift off and if someone breaks my concentration I float back down. Kinda funny. So freeing. Hope to win! 6/3 is my mom and I’s birthday. So strange she wants a bead catcher and I am supposed to make it and use lots of sparkle on it!

  5. One of my favorite dreams was when I was in a puppet show as a puppet master. I woke up and my arm was up in the air, my hand moving like I was making the puppet talk.

    As far as a life dream – to have my own photo studio, of course. 🙂

  6. My dream is to live at the beach! I want to wake up every morning, walk out the door, and breathe in the wonderful sea air.

  7. I dream of living in a farm full of animals, growing our own fruits & vegetables flowers and all kinds of flowers; and doing as many diy’s projects around the house as possible… I dream of a better world. I love to help others, specially through art and try to teach my kids to do the same.

  8. My dream is live where is a lot tall trees prefer on a mountain and have a sofa close to the window and be able to see when the sky raises… that moment is my favorite part of the dream! I love the unic way you made the dream catcher ..

  9. I had some crazy dreams last night and it’s odd that I remember them. The best one was being in Vegas with all my favorite ladies. My life dream is to be happy, happy with work, happy with my husband, happy with my kids. I just want a joyful world for us!

  10. One of my big dreams is to own an artist’s co-operative when my husband retires. I dream of a space to showcase local artists in all forms, with gallery open house nights and art walks and various public/private events. ‘Dreaming is a form of planning’ as they say.

  11. My dream is to live in a modest little cottage ocean front, where the iced tea is plentiful with just enough room to sleep, eat, and make art, along with an outside lounge area to soak up nature and share with those who pass by. Why yes, I’m a big dreamer!

  12. Just wanted to tell you that your dream catcher is wonderful. My dreams are usually about doing things with my grandchildren. However, this summer I am going to be out of commission for most of the time I would have with them

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