it is national doodle day – a giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

I was recently informed that today is National Doodle Day.

National Doodle Day Prize pack of Ranger and Faber-Castell goodies on www,

Now, since you know that I love to doodle, I thought that I would give you all a chance to win a set of some of my favorite doodle items:

  • PITT Pens, black and white Gelatos, and water color pencils from Faber-Castell
  • A mini art journal, craft mat, water brush, and Distress Markers from Ranger Ink

Just leave a comment here including your favorite thing about doodles, and you will be entered.  Winners will be announced on Sunday!


it is national doodle day – a giveaway!!!!!!!!!! — 35 Comments

  1. My favorite thing about doodles? That its something random and creative my brain can do at a moments notice.

  2. Oh Stephanie!!!! This looks like a treasure chest of wonderful products. I doodle, but not nearly as good as you do. I would love to win these so that maybe I could get better at doodling. I love the randomness of doodling, but ending up with a piece of art.

  3. I love that evey doodle is different, just as every doodler is different! Gorgeous bundle – love!!!

  4. My favorite thing is it is endless, no right or wrong and always a masterpiece.

  5. My favorite thing is that there is no agenda! I can just let my mind wonder and it always turns into something to cherish! It’s fun to not have a plan and just let your pen do the talking;)

  6. I am completely and utterly inspired by your doodling! I love that with doodling there are no mistakes. It also calms my frantic mind….I would love to learn more about doodling with actual artistic products and this giveaway looks fabulous…..thanks for the opportunity to win!

  7. Doodles … ahhhhhhhhhh. What’s so special about them? The fact that they are YOURS and YOURS ALONE. Nobody can copy because doodling has your signature on it.

  8. I just recently fell in love with doodling….as an art form. I’ve doodled forever – in business meetings etc, but I really love the free form and unique way that doodles express yourself. Thanks for the chance!

  9. I love that I can doodle anything, anywhere, anytime…I can doodle on a pad, I can doodle with my dad. I can doodle on on toilet paper, I can doodle while solving a caper. I can doodle a cute little lamb, I can doodle green eggs and ham. I can doodle here or there, I can doodle underwear! (Love these goodies by the way).

  10. My favorite thing about doodles is that they brighten up everyday lists: marketing lists, to do lists, payment lists, you name it, they ALL look better when dressed in doodles! Thanks for the chance to win such lovely supplies! Great comments so far as well!

  11. I am a beginning doodler but love the freedom that doodling gives to use simple shapes to transform a basic shape into an interesting design. Thanks for a chance to win!

  12. Oh I L♥VE to doodle!!! Doodles are my way of stirring up inspiration…of capturing moments of whimsy…of a way to wildly express creativity with no rules and no boundaries. I am a mega doodle advocate, lol!
    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  13. I love doodles !! My favorite time to doodle is when I am on the phone….I start and just don’t have to think…I just DOodle !!! It’s never wrong, it’s never judged, it just is…it’s freeing and amazing how each one is so randomly different. When I get off the phone, I “finish” it !!! Thanks for offering these amazing tools !!! <3

  14. Love to doodle. Anytime, anywhere. That is the beauty of it.

  15. I am a dog groomer so, of course, I doodle dogs. My appointment book and desk blotter is covered in doggie doodles.

  16. Doodling lets me forget the world around me and switch my mind off for a while.

  17. doodling frees up my mind and when I’m done I feel better. thanks for a chance to win cool goodies.

  18. I love to doodle…especially when on the phone or in a meeting or class. Nothing better than a free-flowing pen twirling across the paper randomly. Would love to win some new doodling products!

  19. What I love about doodles is there is no right or wrong way to do it. Plus you can doodle just about anywhere.

  20. I love to draw doodles, helps my brain to get rid of thoughts and relax! And I also love to see that none are ever the same, every doodle has its own peculiarities, is unique! BArbarayaya

  21. Doodling helps me to stay focused on what I am hearing. It keeps my hand busy! It’s fun to see what you end up with.


  22. Besides being a great focus tool , it creates its own little subconscious history 🙂

  23. What a wonderful prize pack! Thank you for your generosity! I love how doodling allows me to relax and tap into my inner creativity – often prompting ideas for other pieces of art!!

  24. I have so many ideas as to how I CPUs create with this prize pack! Thanks so much for offering us all a chance to win!
    Erica 🙂

  25. My doodle comment didn’t come up – “CPUs?!” Anyway – doodles are what leads to my big ideas – mini sketches while chatting on the phone or just randomly drawing can lead to great things! Thanks again!

  26. Doodles make the project pop….it also covers a boo boo. I use them in my art journal and canvas projects, not yet in my scrapbooking. Would love to win.

  27. ! My favorite part is theres no rules! You just go where your mind wanders 🙂

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