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Well it that time of year again!  Tomorrow I am leaving the deep freeze that has gripped Wisconsin and heading to 73 and sunny in Anaheim, CA.  If I can get my flights squared away, that is.  Thank you Polar Vortex!

Needless to say, I am looking forward to not wearing 8 layers to walk to the curb.

Every year I look forward to this show, knowing that it completely rejuvenates my mojo.  This year, that is really important since my word for the year is “create.”

For me, just walking through and seeing all of the amazing work created by the various artists can spark ideas.  I often learn about a new product or technique that sets off multiple light bulbs in my head and sends me to my notebook to capture all sorts of thoughts and plans.

She had a multitude of ideas swirling in her head...

She had a multitude of ideas swirling in her head…


The other really nice part of this trip is catching up with friends in person.  It is so nice to see them in real life, rather just their headshots on their social channels.  While we can all connect via the social channels, nothing beats a hug, a laugh, a dinner, and conversation face to face.

If you are heading to the show, I will be in the Fiskars booth – #1000 right inside the front door.  Be sure to swing by and say hi – in person!



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