thoughts on being creative and crafty and artsy…

mixed media art journaling with Ranger distress pens and sharpie markers

I feel like there is currently a lot of stigma attached to all of the words above.  I also feel that there is a lot of pressure to decide exactly where you fit in, definition wise.

Why is this?

Why can’t we just “be?”

We should “be” creative.  We should “be” crafty.  We should “be” artsy.  Any one or all of these can be applied to me at different times within the same day.  While I might be painting on a canvas, I am planning a skirt to upcycle and a tag for a friend’s baby gift.  These activities, plus the paint-covered outfit I am wearing, land me into all of these.

As creative-type people, why do we feel the need to pigeon hole each other into a category?

She’s a scrapbooker.

She’s an artist.

She’s so creative.

She just makes cards.

Why can’t she just be amazing, inspiring, wonderful, sweet, kind, and generous?  She’s making a layout of a family trip to the zoo, creating a canvas, and celebrating life’s moments with party decor and a handmade card.

I have to admit, I am tired of having to define who I am and what I do, and then feeling the pressure to justify why I said “artist” or “crafter,” as well as then try to define the difference between the two.

I am just living a handmade life, filled with paints, pictures, fabric, lace, vintage suitcases, and love…  isn’t that enough?

mixed media art journaling with Ranger distress pens and sharpie markers

Ok.  Off my soapbox for the day…


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  1. I enjoyed reading your comments. Yesterday I shared with a work colleague some of the fun projects that I am busy with at home at the moment – mosaic work on an outside step, making bunting for our holiday home and painting up a transferred image on metal for some outdoor colour. She was on the verge of saying ‘you are quite crea…, then stopped herself and changed it to crafty.” It was a very deliberate change/choice of words and I began wondering about where exactly the difference lies, and why one should feel complimented by the use of “creative” and less so by the use of “crafty”, and why we have to label any creative/crafty endeavour in the first place when all it is about is enjoying doing something entirely for oneself and as is the case with the metal project will serve no purpose other than to make me smile every time I see it. I know she considers herself as very creative as enjoys patchwork and quilting, flower arranging and dressing in bright colours!! I am not very good at drawing but am wanting to learn (community college night course should help with that), I have a garden which many people admire, and I sew, scrapbook, paint on river stones, mosaic and basically find my happy space in many other ‘crafts’. I love the idea of “simply living a handmade life’ where an overflowing supply cupboard of ‘crafting items’ features strongly.

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