so it has been a few weeks

and a lot has happened.

melt art ranger ink fiskars fuse creativity system utee

  • I went to CHA in LasVegas.
  • I went to Washington DC for work to install a garden there and then stayed for a few days with my family on vacation.
  • I have created some fun art journal pages.
  • 2 more episodes of Fiskars Tool School on My Craft Channel have gone live.
  • I have read two books.
  • I did about 15 loads of laundry.
  • I cried.
  • I slept.
  • I ate.
  • And I spent all of the rest of the time holding my boys’ hands since they will still let me.

That said, here is the link for this week’s video and I later this week I will be sharing some pics of a few projects that I have done recently – both journal pages and some upcoming wedding shower decor!


Happy Monday and have a great week!

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