my craft channel – here we go…

my craft channel with kristine mckay highlighting stephenie hamen and the fiskars fuse creativity system

Well, it is officially here.  My first episode on

Today’s is my interview with the fab, lovely, and wonderful Kristine McKay.  She did an interview for My Craft Studio and then next Monday the first episode of Fiskars Tool School will air on our new channel. (please remember that I work for Fiskars.)

Needless to say that watching yourself is difficult… “How did I not realize my bangs were parted halfway through and fix that?” or “Dang, that shirt looks big in all the wrong places” and “Did I really just say that?!?!?!”

However, I would be remiss not to help promote this upcoming series of videos for anyone and everyone that is interested in using the Fiskars Fuse Creativity System.  We did 10 episodes focused on all of the cool things that you can do with the Fuse – starting with taking it out of the box all the way through Melt Art and UpCycling projects.

I cannot thank the team at MCC enough for being absolutely fantastic to work with.  It was a blast and I will be watching through the holes in my fingers, trying not to cringe too much…

So, here we go…


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  1. Aww Steph…cute as always ! I’m looking forward to your series of videos ! You are so crazy talented/creative- I can’t wait to watch ! The Fuse is still on my wish list – I would love to be able to play with one ! Love all the orange in the background – the lamp and tea pot are soo cute!

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