a little story about finding inspiration

mixed media canvas using old book pages, decopauge, paint, gesso, melted crayons, sharpie, and quote

We all go through slumps.  It is just part of the creative process.  No matter how much we want to believe it won’t happen to us, it does.  I have been there – done that – several times over.

I also know I am not alone…

How many of you have had that “slump” moment?  Or that “brain freeze” of sorts?  Maybe a little lack of mojo? What about writer’s block?

We all go through these points and here are a few things that I have learned to get through them.

  1. Stop working on the project/task at hand.  Put it away.  Walk away.  Take a break.  Often when I do this and then come back and look at it with fresh eyes, suddenly inspiration strikes, a solution emerges, or I realize where I made my wrong turn.
  2. I clean.  I know that seems like a weird one, but I do.  I leave the project at hand alone, but clean up the rest of my craft space or work space.  Often a clean slate clears away the cobwebs and opens my eyes to what might have been in front of me all along.
  3. I listen to music.  I find music to be supremely inspiring.  And I am a bit schizophrenic in my choices – one day a musical soundtrack, the next day jazz standards, tomorrow country, and today hip hop.  I find that worlds open up when I turn on music and I love scouting out new-to-me options using online sources like Pandora or Spotify. 
  4. I read a really cheesey magazine.  You know the ones – the pop culture, mind numbing ones.  I read them for the fashion…  all of the celebrities are  in the latest and greatest trends and that can spark a new idea for a project – a new pattern, a new material, a new color scheme.  It can all help serve as a distraction, but also inspiration at some level.
  5. I go to bed.  I have a habit of staying up too late and working on something too long.  Being tired is counter-productive to me and my creativity.  I know this about myself.  There is a tipping point where I go from inspired to drab and horrible…  that is normally time to go to bed – so I go, I sleep on it, wake up refreshed, and get back to it with well-slept eyes.
  6. I look at blogs of friends and other crafters.  I don’t look for ideas to “lift” – I look for more inspiration.  Again – color, composition, materials can spark.  Also they often post about a new technique that they tried or learned which can apply to something I am working on.  While it is fun to see what they are doing, I am working hard to find my own voice, my own look, and my own way.  While “lifting” helps some people learn, I am overly cautious to not do this, but if I do, I give credit where credit is due on the technique, the original idea, etc… It is the right thing to do.

Now – these ideas might not work for everyone, but they have worked for me.  And, with another note, I will end this post…

Do not get frustrated because your work doesn’t measure up to other people’s work – your work is YOURS.  Own it.  Live it. Breathe it. Be you – no one else can.  Not every layout, canvas, story, journaling block, etc… will be perfect.  I look back on my work and think – why did I do that?  It was where I was at that point in my life and in my art journey.  We are all at different places – embrace that.

Now – happy crafting!



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