30 simple wishes {wish 19}

A wish to be more adventurous… and try something new.

I am a homebody.

I love my comfy sweatpants, my cozy spot on the couch, my perfect pillow, and making the usual for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

On the rare occasions when I try something new, I undoubtably love it.  I make a new recipe – Yum! I listen to new music – Joy!  I try a new hairstyle – Well, maybe not…

But what is life without trying something new, taking risks, learning, growing, and just taking a leap of faith?

So, now is the time to get off the couch and try something new!


For this one, it was a quick couple of cuts on some paper and a few little stickers and I was done!  Easy peasy – now, off to try something new!

Make a wish, try something new!


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