30 simple wishes {wish 18}

A wish to let myself shine.

If you haven’t started to notice a pattern in my wishes, I have.  Evidently I am in need of a bit more confidence, strength, and willingness to put myself out there.  I have wished for it in a few different ways.  I often find that I doubt myself and what I know, second-guessing everything as I go.  It’s time to stop that, grab life by the horns, and be true to who I am, what I want, and where I am going…

I hope that as you are playing along, you are starting to learn a little bit more about who you are as well!


I just added some bling to a tag and my wrote my wish.  Pretty, simple, and straight-forward.

Sometimes people say that they can read me like an open book…  I guess that this month, they really can.

Make a wish.  Take a chance.  Change something.

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