30 simple wishes {wish 16}

A wish to be a good example.

Any parent knows those moments that are cringe-worthy – your child has just repeated something that they learned from you, and usually it is something you don’t want them to repeat/do/say.  I have had my share of these moments and want to try to make a better effort to set a better example for them, so that the cringe-worthy moments lessen and the better ones emerge.


I cut some fun Jillibean Soup paper out and inked the edges to make the base for the page.  I printed out some instagram pics and layered them on 2 punched pieces.  Next I added my text and alphas and finished the whole thing up.

So the wish was simple, honest, and true – I want to be an example for them that I can be proud of, hopefully showing them a more compassionate, empathetic way, rather than my sometimes snarky-sarcastic way.  To let them be kind and gentle and good friends by showing them how.

I can only hope that I remember this the next time someone cuts me off in traffic…


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