1 lamp 2 ways

Over the weekend, I made a trip to my local thrift store.  I love thrifting – it is seriously fun for me.  I truly enjoy finding little treasures tucked away in corners, begging to be played with and brought home to my house.  Sometimes I go and just look – nothing grabs me.  This weekend I went and it was as if everything wanted a new home, so I adopted several little bits to come live with us.

One of my finds was a pair of matching lamps and shades.  They are identical and I thought that it would be fun to redo both of them, but had two ideas, so instead of making a matching pair, I decided to make 2 distinctly different lamps.

diy lamp redo project

This is what the base and shade for each lamp looks like.  A pretty glass base with just  a plain white shade.  They are simple and straightforward.

For the first lamp shade, I decided to use burlap and some coordinating ribbons and lace to decorate it.

supplies for burlap covered diy lamp redo

I used Fabri-Tac for the entire project since it is less likely to be affected by the heat of a light bulb that hot glue would be.

step one of diy lamp makeover project using burlap

I started by glueing the burlap to the bottom of the lamp shade.  Once it was dry, I flipped it over and then folded and tucked it and glued it in place.

ribbon for diy lamp makeover redo project

Next I started adding layers of ribbon and lace, one at a time, with the glue.  This ribbon had a wired edge, so I was able to pre-fold it to add the ruffle feeling.

finished lamp shade for diy lampshade redo makeover project using burlap

When it was complete, I added some little buttons to the seam for a bit of a finished look.

To add a little flair to the base, I tied on ribbons and baubles towards the top that coordinated.

baubles and ribbons on lamp base for diy lamp makeover redo project

And here is the finished result…

finished lamp for diy lamp and lamp shade makeover redo project

For the second lamp shade, I wanted to do some decopauging with sewing patterns and doilies.  So I grabbed my supplies and got to work!

supplies for DIY decopauged paper doilies and sewing pattern lampshade makeover project

First I added the bits of pattern and let that set up.

decopauged DIY lamp shade using sewing patterns for the makeover

Then I grabbed some fun and colorful paper doilies that I had recently purchased and added them, along with a plain smaller white one in the center.

decopauged DIY lamp shade using paper doilies for the makeover

Once those were dry, I quickly hot glued a button into the center to finish it off.

When it was dry, I added a bit of left-over pink ruffle I had made for another project for a bit of texture and contrast.

finished lamp for diy lamp and lamp shade makeover redo project using decopauged sewing patterns and paper doilies

I added coordinating ribbons and trims to the base of this one as well, popped in a bulb, and it was ready to go! finished lamp for diy lamp and lamp shade makeover redo project using decopauge and paper doilies

I had a blast making both of these and after thought of several more ideas for them.  Guess it might be time to make a return trip to the store to see if they have any siblings or cousins looking for a new home, too!

Happy Crafting!



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  1. I really like the burlap one ! I used to have a good bit on burlap — loved to wrap an old wash tub with it to put a live dug Christmas tree in !

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