he crafts, she crafts – episode 3

In today’s adventure, Mark and I will be tackling a small, boring, basic clipboard.  You know the one.  That one for 0.99 at the store.  It is kind of an odd size – too big for a mini notebook to be cute, yet too small for a regular sized notebook.

In our now standard fashion, I took on the clipboard in my style and Mark tackled it in his, resulting in two very different end projects!

Here is mine…

clipboard mixed media project

clipboard mixed media project

I knew that I wanted to once again break out my Collage Pauge, but that meant getting the clip out of the way.  I held it open and then used string to tie it to keep it open so it was easier to work around.

clipboard mixed media project

clipboard mixed media project  

I collaged over the edges, then, once it was dry, went back and trimmed it all off with non-stick scissors so I didn’t good anything up too bad.

To get the final edges nice and clean, I used a sanding block all the way around.

For a little more texture, I dabbed on some paint around the edges with a stencil brush.  Just a bit here and there.

mixed media clipboard collage project mixed media clipboard collage project

Knowing I was going to use it to hold a picture, I laid a sample piece of paper that was 4″x6″ onto the clipboard to figure out where to add my trims.  I had some great trims that I got last year at Spark No. 3 that I have been hoarding and thought that they would look great on this project.

mixed media clipboard collage project mixed media clipboard collage project

To add the final bit of flair, I grabbed a mix of vintage buttons and replica vintage buttons and my hot glue gun…  and got to glueing!

The final result was a funky and girly clipboard I can use to hold a favorite photo or card…

Here are some close-ups of the final project:

mixed media clipboard collage project

mixed media clipboard collage project

mixed media clipboard collage project

Well, now that you’ve seen mine, be sure to head over and check out Mark’s!  It is ultra cool…

And, finally, make sure to leave a comment on my blog, as well as Mark’s, for your chance to win some fun products to play with yourself!

Happy Crafting!!!


he crafts, she crafts – episode 3 — 19 Comments

  1. You two are just so creative, I love it when you guys compete. Love all of your buttons, and the photo is great, what a cute child.

  2. Wow!!! Both clipboards are so amazing!!!! It makes me want to run to the Dollar Store and grab one to play with…

  3. I love how cute and frilly you clip board came out! I have a clipboard that’s just mean sitting around for some sparkle but I haven’t been able to think anything to do with it. Between you and Mark I am now completely inspired to work on this today!

  4. Love the idea of using it as a picture frame! I also love the buttons and the film strip piece! Thanks for the upcycle inspiration on such an everyday item.

  5. I love a good challenge! It is always so wonderful to see how everyone makes different but wonderful pieces.

  6. You did a fantastic job on this challenge! You have some great embellishments in your stash too 🙂

  7. Love your clipboard! Those are beautiful vintage buttons, and I like the fact that you can change out the picture!

  8. I like BOTH of them — I know a few folks for whom your approach would be ideal; and Mark’s idea of the ‘built in rubbing plate’ is inspired, too! Thanks for sharing, and for the opportunity to win some creative fodder of my own 🙂

  9. This project is so inventive. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen these old clipboards and thought they were too ugly to keep around the house. These two projects have given me some insight into how to spruce them up!

  10. I like them both, but I love marks! That vintage image and the fact that you can use it to transfer the image by pencil rubbing is so creative!

  11. i’ve been altering clipboards for 2 yrs, but mine aren’t as pretty. i download the current year calender to place in clipboard and give as gifts. (after i pretty them up of course). yours and marks are beautiful.

  12. Hey there,
    I am a NEW FOLLOWER, and I went through your amazing work and I am in aw.. That clipboard is a genus Idea! What a Great Idea for a present! I am so looking forward to more amazing ideas! Thanks for the Oppurtunity to win some goodies..

  13. Wow, these are amazing! You’ve inspired me to go through some of my supplies to see what I have on hand for this creative project.

  14. I don’t visit your blog regularly enough. Blogs like yours are my guilty pleasure when I have extra surfing time, so months may go by before I check back in. *sigh* However, I’m following your Tweets, so that’s how I found this post! Super fun! I love what you did with your clipboard, and I want to make one too now! Then I went over to see what Mark made, and I love his as well!

    Like I commented on his blog, now I’m headed backwards to find out what the other projects are that you both made. This is fun!

  15. awesome…awesome…awesome…You should feel honored that I am super-scrolling through 222 blog posts on my Google Reader today and so far, you are the only one I clicked on to comment on (I only have 43 left). LOVE the clipboard..especially the buttons-looks like a tiara. And the photo of your son-priceless! This round of HC-SC definitely goes to you!

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