he crafts, she crafts – round 2

Well hello again!  Mark and I are back with round two…  otherwise known as the “chalkboard round.”

I had found these completely inexpensive wood framed chalkboards at the craft store and immediately knew I had to do something with them.  I am currently slightly addicted to chalkboards, chalk, and all things related.  I have a large collection of pins currently that all include some semblance of the use of chalk.  I painted an entire wall in my dining room with chalkboard paint.

Ok – so maybe it is a slight obsession, but it could be something much worse than chalkboards.


I decided that I needed to girly-fy it and I think I did just that.

To create the project you will need:

  • A blank 5×7 chalkboard
  • Pliers
  • A cheap frame
  • hot glue
  • Pretty bits
  • Optional items are paint, knife and ruler, and heat gun.

To get started, I pulled the chalkboard apart, removing the wooden frame.

Next I took the glass and other bits out of my frame.  While it was fine as is, I really wanted it to be white.  The nice thing about a clearance frame is that you can get the style and feel you want, then just add paint to get the look you REALLY wanted for very little cost.


I added my paint and let the first couple of coats dry on their own while I worked on some other parts.

Even though the chalkboard was 5×7, the actual slate was about 1/2″ bigger, so, in order to get it to fit, I had to be creative.  I measured and marked the slate with a silver pen.

Next I used my knife and ruler and created a pretty deep score in the slate.  Using my pliers, I carefully broke the slate off along the lines.

Once this was done, I sat it aside and went back to focus on the frame itself.

I added a final coat of paint and grabbed my heat gun.  I carefully used my heat gun to dry the paint quickly.  Then it was time to distress.


I am a total sucker for old frames, things that a lot of people look at as “damaged junk.”  The paint is typically peeling, splitting, and bubbled in places due to age, exposure, and heat.

I recreated this look at various points around the frame by carefully and strategically using my heat gun.  It is very hot and you can start to smoke or even burn your frame and paint if you aren’t careful, so proceed with caution.

I loved the very weathered look I was able to create.  It was a fun new technique that I accidentally stumbled upon that had a great outcome!  I love happy crafty accidents like this one!

Finally, I added my slate into the frame and sealed it up.

For the final fun touches, I grabbed some buttons and baubles from Tim Holtz, some ribbon, and a sparkly button from Bazzill, along with my hot glue gun, and got to work.

To keep the chalk handy I grabbed this little silver basked I got for $0.50 at the local thrift shop and added a few sparkly touches to it as well.  I have no idea what the original use was for these little baskets, but I grab them every time I see them in a thrift store.  They are usually full of patina and aged and tiny and wonderful.

I think that it will make quite a fun little chalkboard for my next get-together, class, or just to keep on my desk.

Now… this was my super-girly version.  Mark’s version is modern, sleek, bright, and uber-cool.  He went in a completely different direction creating his and I adore it so much!

Be sure to head on over to his blog to get all of the directions and what-not on how to make his today!!!

Leave a comment on both of our blogs and you will have a chance to win a super fun chalkboard prize pack from us!

Happy Crafting!


he crafts, she crafts – round 2 — 10 Comments

  1. It is LOVELY ! I love the style. I probably would of just used chalkboard paint on the glass of the frame. Now, I know that you can cut the little chalkboards fairly easy ! Just love the shabby chic vintage look to it! Mark’s is very cute too.

    I’ve just recently bought a small bottle of chalkboard paint, brought it home and now can’t find it ! LOL It must of sprouted wings and flew away. I was thinking of painting a small area on the outside of the laundry room door (that leads into the garage) so that I can write little messages — like Welcome ! Or DON”T SLAM THE DOOR ! -cake in progress! I usually tape a piece of paper with that message to the door ! 🙂

  2. I didn’t realize how easily you could cut a piece of chalkboard! And, I love how you used a fancy frame around it. Every so often, I see a small fancy frame at the thrift store (sadly, I never see giant ones), and I don’t buy them because they seemed too small to do anything with. You’ve given me a whole bunch of ideas!

  3. Stephanie,
    You and Mark, are just so clever. I too love the dollar bins at Target, Joann’s and thrift store finds are wonderful.
    I really love your girly blackboard, for myself, and think Mark’s would appeal to my grandchildren.
    Just had to share this on my facebook.

  4. Wow….I love it!!! I need to take a closer look at those sale frames I always pass by.

  5. Love your chalkboard frame! This would be perfect in my granddaughters room. Then MAYBE she would not write on the wall!

  6. Oh wow! I love what you did with yours!!! You captured the shabby chic look perfectly.
    It’s always interesting to see completely different projects made with the same materials.

  7. WOW!! This is seriously beautiful! Who would ever have thought to gussy up a chalkboard like this….I want it!!!

  8. love the girly one…..would not have thought to take it out of the frame to put in such a pretty fame…..nice job thinking out of the box!

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