project 365

Now, for those of  you that know me, you know that it is a big BIG HUGE deal for me to commit to something everyday for a year.  I decided that this year, however, I could commit to doing a picture a day – it can’t be that hard.  Thanks to my iPhone, it has been actually much easier than I thought it would be.

I started out January, just taking one picture a day and then joined Instagram and started to post them there.  As the month rolled on, I realized that some people have special challenges each day.  So for February, I will be adding that in as well.

So – Here are the challenges for February that I will be doing…

And, I started adding my pics to a Flikr account, which is now on my sidebar.  In addition, here is the slideshow that shows my first 32 days of the year…  not that it matters much to anyone but me, but I thought I would share.

If I can do this, trust me, anyone can!!!!



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  1. I like the added challenges because it can give direction on a ho hum day. I love that there is a sun picture in February. That may, or may not, happen for a lot of folks. LOL! I’ll be thinking of you on the 8th Steph, and checking to see if you have sun!

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