and the embarrassment continues… and a prize

So, while I have definitely made strides in cleaning out my room – I can actually open the door and walk into the room!  – I am still embarrassed when I realize how bad it actually had gotten in there.

I have done a lot of work and have found a lot of supplies.  It is slightly terrifying when I realize that in this aspect of my life I might be a bit of a hoarder!  Boy do I love patterned papers!

So while this is still definitely embarrassing, it is getting better, slowly but surely. 

This weekend I plan on spending a good chunk of time continuing to work on cleaning, arranging, purging, and just making the room usable again.  Fingers crossed!

Now, since I am cleaning out, I feel it is only appropriate to share some of the goodness I have found with you!

So – in order to continue to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Orange Handled Scissors by Fiskars, I feel it only appropriate to give away a pair of those… and, I also have some great paper that I received from Fancy Pants – Love Birds – that is perfect for any Valentine goodness you might be working on!

 The Original Orange-Handled Scissors

Leave a comment here between now and Monday and I will draw a winner!

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Happy Crafting!


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  1. I feel your pain and applaud your efforts! I’ve been in the same boat and have almost been able to bring it to shore. It feels good! Success is around the corner!

  2. oh i hear ya on the room (although mine is a coerner of my kitchen + dining room table + buffet, but it seems like it has just taken over!!!

  3. Stephenie I promise you have nothing to be embarrassed about. I have a table in my room to scrapbook on….needless to say it is stacked up, under and coming out the sides….I actually “rearranged” the stuff on top to make room to try and join in the online crop with the fiskateers this weekend..good luck and congrats on the progress!

  4. That looks like a big job. Good luck with it. And I can’t wait to see it all done.

  5. I feel the same way about my craft room. I need to do a major purge too!

  6. Of course I love the Fiskars scissors but that LOve Bird paper pack looks delicious. You ARE MAKING HEADWAY on your craft room, mine still needs a lot of work!

  7. Feels good to make some progress, doesn’t it? Please don’t include me in your give-a-way. I too need to cut back on my hoarding of both papers and scissors. Lord knows that I could wallpaper my entire place with all those sheets of 12×12 that I refused to use over the years because they were just too darn pretty to alter or cut up.

  8. hehehe, Ive been purging and organizing too! Ive finally got to have a crafty/sewing room again and hadn’t realized how much stuff I could “stuff” into a couple closets, LOL! Oh, and actually, pretty papers are one of the few things that I haven’t been hoarding so I would love to win this 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  9. You did it though! I am still cringing and closing the door to my crafty area whenever I pass by it. I need to get to it. Your wonderful inspiration!

  10. I clean up my craft table (my ping pong table) when it gets so messy that I can’t work. So we are two peas.. sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com

  11. Do you feel like showing the nitty gritty is encouraging you to get it alllll cleaned up? Nice idea. brian dot poteraj @ gmail dot com

  12. I hope that you just love it when you are done. You are well on your way.

  13. Some day I’d like a room that has wonderful cabinets instead of plastic drawers. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  14. Your room looks a lot like mine, except you don’t have enough paper. LOL! Have fun putting things back in order. Turn up the music and dance your way through the weekend and you’ll be done in no time. And don’t sweat it if you don’t finish. Just make sure you get an area of your desk cleared to create something Sunday to celebrate how far you will get.

  15. Hello from a fellow craft-hoarder. I am also addicted to patterned paper. That is why I am commenting here so I can possibly win more. 😉 Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Organized chaos at its finest ?:) have to say, good things take don’t rush it, unless mess drives you crazy then go clear off some space & scrap your little heart out ! how cute is that Fancy pants range ?!?! adorable, sending love from New Zealand:) good luck Fiskasisters !!

  17. sometimes cleaning up is inspiring to me, I get to touch everything and find things I forgot about. Keep up the good work!

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