this is embarassing…


Last spring – in May to be exact – I was in LasVegas for work for a trade show when Matt calls to tell me we got water in the basement.  He diligently went about cleaning up the water, tearing out carpet, and getting rid of ruined items.  A good portion of the damage occurred in my craft room.

Prior to this, I had started to slowly update the room, but wasn’t getting far.  Needless to say, I basically stopped after the “Flood of 2011”. 

Matt had to move everything into a corner and back by a wall and rip out carpet. 

My solution since all of this has be to  go in, get what I need, and craft at the dining room table instead.  Then, I carry a box or bag back down and leave it.  This has lead to the inability to find anything, purchasing stuff I already own, and completely inefficient work. 

With all this in mind, I asked for only two things for Christmas this year – Home Depot and Ikea gift cards to buy paint and some storage units.

Now I am beginning to clean out and raid the mess that had overtaken my room.  It is going to take a while, but at least I have started.

As embarrassing as they are, here are the pics of where it was when I decided to tackle it… I will update with images as I get going. 

This is the wall of the basement that faces outside.  I don’t get much light through the windows at all, so I rely heavily on artificial lighting.  It is painted a lovely odd shade of beige…

This is the back of the room – again a hideous beige shade that can only be described as “dirty white.”  Piles of stuff on garage shelves…  The chandeliers were one of the updates I did last year as I originally started to redo the room.

Piles of stuff inside the door – this is where I have been grabbing and going then dropping everything.  Not at all efficient and seriously embarrassing…

Here is where I begin.  Not a small task in front of me, but one I will take head on…  Wish me luck.  If I don’t come back, tell Matt to look for me under a pile of cardstock and glitter…






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  1. Luck ! Looks a lot like my area ! I’m in the “dungeon” too. Just plain old concrete blocks -not painted. Dark. Spidery ! I took over my husbands drafting table as my desk and his puter desk too ! I kind of slowly moved in and filled the area with my crafty stuff ! It’s always a mess , as is the whole basement!

  2. You CAN do it!!! I just went through a major purge over the last year and a really intense purge since Black Friday 2011 and I feel so much better for it. I did not have a flood but I had stuff in every room of my house and in my garage. It is so nice to be able to craft in a nice space!!! I wish you the best and if you need a pick me up, just gimme a ring :)If I lived closer I would help!

  3. Good luck! Is it wrong to feel good knowing other peoples crafty area can look like a mini tornado has gone through the way mine always does?? 🙂

  4. You’ve inspired me! I just about had everything situated in my craft room in the basement and had water in it last May too. Then everything migrated upstairs again. I really need to work on getting thing returned downstairs and reorganized. Good luck!

  5. Stephanie, I feel your pain. We also had a flood in September and my stuff is all down here too. This past weekend (what better time than 2 weeks before CHA?) my daughter decided to help me organize. We did just what you are thinking- went to Ikea and got some of that cube storage. It is GREAT! Set it all up with my Sizzix stuff and now I just can’t even tell you how nice it is working in here- there’s room to walk, etc. Of course it isn’t done yet. Lots of places still look like your pics 🙂 But like you say, it’s a start 🙂 Good luck. See you in Anaheim?

  6. Good luck, when Hannah moved to Mi. I over took half of her room and made a crafty space. And I believe after a year it is finally how I like it. So don’t fret my friend your space will be clean and ready before you know it.

  7. Patti – How does Hannah feel about sleeping with cardstock? LOL!!

  8. Thanks Eileen! Yes – 2 weeks before CHA just doesn’t work well, does it? Unfortunately, I will not be in Anaheim this year… I will be watching it all unfold from here. Have fun!!

  9. I started purging and then purging and more… Hopefully it will all turn out good!

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