remembering to be grateful…

Today I need to remind myself to be grateful…  so, here’s a list…

I am grateful for:

  • Matt listening to me blather on about the same stuff over and over, watching me fall apart, and putting me back together.  For letting me cry and letting me be me on those days that I do that.
  • Hugs from my boys.
  • Friends that are amazingly supportive and encouraging and wonderful and creative and talented and beautiful and funny…  thank you for being in my life.
  • My “hobo” sweater that my sister gave me when I was pregnant with Owen.  It was a great pregnancy sweater…  it is huge now, but it is my go-to comfy sweater that I would never wear outside of my house, but that I dearly love and am wearing right now.
  • Art. Creativity. Music. Expression.
  • Family.
  • Hot Chocolate.
  • Pinterest.
  • Revenge.  The TV show, not the act of getting it on someone.
  • Things that make me laugh.
  • NPR – I know, it’s geeky, but I love it.
  • A kiss goodnight from a sleepy 7 year old who hasn’t yet decided that’s gross or not cool.  I am holding on as long as I can and enjoying each kiss goodnight…
  • Reading with the boys and watching them read to each other.  They are learning to devour books and for that I am grateful, especially in this day and age!
  • The possibility of snow.
  • Simply holding hands with someone I love, without having to talk…  just be.
  • Opportunities to do good for others.

That’s it.  I am grateful, thankful, and blessed. 

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