2012… 5 days in.

So, it is day 5 of 2012.  I have yet to pick a word.  I have narrowed it down to two that are so close that I think that they might just co-own the year.

  • Jump (as in “jump in with both feet”)
  • Leap (as in “take a leap of faith”)

So for 2012 my plan is to jump, leap, and believe in the possibilities, believe in my ability to affect change, and know that I can … 

Now, as far as resolutions go, I don’t hold much stock in them.  I actually gave those up a long time ago.  They never stuck.  While a goal is similar, I don’t feel like it is so cut and dry and that once you mess up it is over, which is how I view resolutions.  So I make goals – flexible, workable, and attainable goals. 

Here, my friends,  are my goals for 2012…


They might not seem like much, but to me they are big goals for a year that I predict will be a rollercoaster ride full of change, transition, and leaps of faith.

Hello 2012.  I’m ready.  Let’s go.

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