officially obsessed…

Yes. I admit it. I am totally and completely obsessed with Pinterest right now.  Yes, I know, old news.  I was late to this party compared to my friends, but it doesn’c change the fact that I am in love.

Yesterday I was with the boys while they did their final run-through of the Christmas program at church.  I sat there, for more than an hour, glued to my iPhone, surfing and repinning…  It is totally addictive.

I think that it is the visual landscape and inspiration it provides.  I am finding out a lot about what I am drawn to, what speaks to me, what inspires me, and what shapes some of my aesthetic.  I laugh at funny posters and prints.  I repin shoes I will never wear, but would love to at least try on.  I am looking at everyone else’s holiday decor, wondering if mine is festive enough or planning out which things I might make, but tweak to fit me.

Holiday Inspiration

Photo of a pin Photo of a pin Photo of a pin Photo of a pin Photo of a pin Photo of a pin Photo of a pin Photo of a pin Photo of a pin

I can sit and look and scroll for long stretches of time, losing track of what I was originally looking for.  It is my new guilty pleasure, and one, unlike RHOBH, I am not embarrassed to admit…


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  1. I love interest and got both my girls addicted to it this weekend.

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