cha – holy schmoly!

I am leaving 9:00 Saturday to head down to Chicago for CHA next week.  I am feeling slightly overwhelmed by this for several reasons:

  1. I am still packing up the supplies for all of the demos we have coordinated for the show, with more than one box still undelivered and a project not yet made…
  2. I feel like I have barely been home the last month and now I will be gone next week again and the week after I am heading to Calgary.  I am starting to wonder if the kids will forget what I look like.
  3. I still have to wash laundry.
  4. The boys will be staying with Matt’s parents while I am there.  We figured that I was driving down anyway, so why not let them have a few fun days with Grammy and Poppy.  That means more laundry and packing which has not started.
  5. It is our 12 year wedding anniversary on Sunday.  Nothing says I Love You to a man like glitter, glue, and patterned paper discussions over drinks with several excited female crafters.  Happy Anniversary honey!
  6. I blinked and July was over.

So – I am off to finish the things that need to get done before 9:00 am on Saturday and I hope to see a lot of o

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