balancing act

That is what I am feeling today – as if I am in a three ring circus performing a high-wire balancing act.

And, failing miserably.

There are only so many things that one can do in a day or week and do well…  And I feel as if I am failing miserably at all of them. 

We see all of these accounts of “superwomen” who do it all: Mothers who make every event, volunteer at school, and pack lunch everyday… they then go to their high-powered corporate job and excel, changing the world every day…  they then go home to a beautifully well-kept home, cook dinner, and spend amazing quality time with their families… and then they take time to do something for themselves – work out, keep gardens gorgeous, and make something creative and amazing.

I cannot do this.  I am trying desperately, but the laundry is piling up, the bathroom has a smell I cannot find, I have not crafted in a month, I barely have broccoli growing in my garden, and I am not exactly sure the last time I vacuumed. 

How do real women find balance?  Do we give up 8 hours of rest a night – which is often a joke, as we lay in bed thinking of all the things still left to do and losing hours of sleep and days off our lives… or do we put ourselves aside for the betterment of our children… or do we live in a pig sty knowing that we can at least go to bed by 11:00? 

I am sure it is a momentary lapse in my ability to judge brought on by a lack of sleep, missing another soccer game, and guilt piling up over just wanting to be the best mom I can be…  or maybe it is a significant point in time in my life and I will look back someday and know that this was the day that the balance shifted.


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  1. You are NOT failing miserably. Those superwomen are a joke, even if they come off that way it is not true at all. Looks are deceiving.

    Are your kids happy, fed, bathed and most of all LOVED? YES, then you are doing AWESOME in my book.

    BUT I know how you feel, I am in the same boat. Sometimes I need to take a day off work and send the kids to school/babysitter just to get caught back up with everything. I always feel better after one of those days. It makes for a happier mommy.

  2. Okay seriously, you just need to breathe, take a minute and think of ALL those “Superwomen”. And now I want you to name all of them that you come up with and Carol Brady doesn’t count cause she had Alice.

    The reason that you can’t think of any is because there are none. Every mom goes thru what you are going thru, it’s called life. And soon you will realize that the boys don’t care if you are perfect or at every soccer game, the house is clean and your feeding them stuff that is good for them. They probably like the junk food anyway.

    In the grand scheme of life the little perfect things don’t matter. Stop being so hard on yourself and just enjoy.

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