so dumb…

I am so completely dumb.

We had a break in windy, gray, yucky weather so I decided we better get out in the yard and get some work done.

We fenced off the raised beds for this year so that the bunnies leave my edibles alone.  We cleaned up all the beds.  We mulched.  We planted.  We spread out marsh hay.  I planted shade flowers in what was our old veg garden (planted veggies our first year in the house before the leaves came in on the tree line – it is all shade all day!)  I mulched that as well.  And, in between all of that chaos, I decided to spray paint an old desk and mirror I had found treasure hunting…

Now I am sitting with a sore a back, a shoulder that is aching beyond belief  and thinking – how dumb could I be?!?!?! 

Well – at least it is done and the first round of planting is in and all that is left are a few more edibles once we get through the next couple weeks of still potential frosts.  Oh, and all of the flower beds in the front yard need to be cleaned up.  And, I have that bush that died that needs to be pulled out.  And… never mind.  It is never ending…

Happy Garden Season everyone!!!!


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  1. It’s crazy, but I feel like this is my first planting/gardening season EVER. I am so not a gardener. Or a yard person. I don’t even know really how to take care of plants INSIDE the house! None-the-less, my husband and I are growing a vegetable garden this year. Our four girls are between the ages of 11 and 19, so perhaps the time will be there for us all to take care of this crazy garden. Hopefully, we will enjoy the fruits (or vegetables and herbs) of our labor!

    wtg, girl!

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