is something I have done solidly since 2001.  I dabbled in college, but a trip to Colorado with Matt was when I really got started.  It feels like something that I have always done.  It is a part of me, our home, and our lives.

The boys adore sitting around looking at their books, thinking that they “remember” that time they saw great grandma when they were 6 months old or their first trip to the zoo at 3 months old.  And yet, they kind of do. 

Through those books they are able to “remember” and to feel like they were aware of those times, places, and trips.  Isn’t that exactly what those books are supposed to do?  Tell the story of our lives and remind us of the big and little moments that fill up the 365 days in a year…  yes I believe it is.

I think that this is why last night I felt this pull to scrap.  And I did.  Nothing stellar or fantastic, just 3 layouts about moments in our lives:

  • Our 10th wedding anniversary in 2009 (yup – I am officially running behind now…) when we saw Rascal Flatts and Darius Rucker at Wrigley Field.
  • This year’s St. Patrick’s Day nonsense – seriously my kids crack me up.
  • Jacob’s first chance to do sidewalk chalk this year.

These are all moments in time that I want to document and share with my family.  Someday, I am well aware, my boys will find it lame to do this (or at least that is what they will say repeatedly even if they don’t mean it), but I guarantee their wives and future children will thank me for it.  What is better than seeing goofy pictures of your parents?  It takes away some of the mystique about them and makes them real.  That’s what I want for my family – to see and understand who we all really were and what was important and special to us.

Lately I have been neglecting my scrappy side and pursuing other crafty passions.  At the end of the day, however, it all started with a Mary Engelbreit Scrapbook from her store that used to be at Woodfield Mall, a stack of stickers, some college pics, and (GASP!!!) a glue stick.  We all live and learn and grow, but we never forget the roots that took us to this new place of craftiness in our lives.  So, I will continue to enjoy my crafty adventures, but will also remember to sit down and scrap my life, my family’s life, and enjoy the pastime I love so much…

Happy Scrappin’ everyone!

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