So here’s my update.
Life is busy.

Over the last 3 weeks, I have:

  • made 3 trips to Illinois
  • finished(ing) up bowling leagues for Matt and the boys
  • been to Wrigely Field
  • hung out with family
  • worked, worked, and worked some more
  • played outside (woohoo for nice weather when we get it…)
  • crafted some fun stuff to share later – I swear!
  • set up 2 possible classes – more details coming soon
  • cooked a ton
  • ate even more than I cooked
  • went to Ohio
  • signed up for a 5K Susan G. Komen walk through work
  • worked, worked, worked and worked some more
  • drank some wine
  • spent quality time with the boys as much as possible
  • snuggled, read books, and was just mom
  • did what felt like 853 loads of laundry
  • celebrated my Grandpa’s 82nd birthday
  • held a new baby in the

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