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I have made a decision – when we go out to eat with the kids, from here on out, people are going to get my opinion, whether they want to read it or not, on the family friendliness and overall food experience of the restaurant.

I am tired of paying for a small bowl of Kraft Mac-n-Cheese and a fruit cup, that in total would cost me $1.25 MAX (and that is to feed 4 of us, not just one) at home when we go out to eat.  I know eating out is more expensive, don’t get me wrong – we are paying for the convenience of eating out.  I get that.  I am just tired of the lack of selection for the kids, the overpriced items for us, and so much more.  It is time that there were more family friendly options and it is now my goal to find these places – local and chain – and fill you in on where the good and the bad are.

Our first adventure in family eating reviews occurred last night right at home in Sun Prairie, WI.

Buck & Honey’s is a new joint in SP that has gone into a previous restaurant in Liberty Square.  While the remodel was nice, the atmosphere cool, and the set-up open and nice, the experience was not great from start to finish.

When we arrived, the host asked if we had been there before, I answered no that this was our first trip.  To this, he stood there for a good 45 seconds staring at me, and then proceeded to ask…  “So, what can I do for you then?”  in a completely serious tone of voice.  I looked at Matt, dumbfounded.  This was no joke.  I am standing there, in the entrance, with 2 kids and Matt.  What did he think we were there for – a movie?  I said that the four of us would like to get a table for dinner and he asked where we wanted to sit.  I said that since it was our first time there, wherever worked.  It was awkward, at best.

Next we were seated and the waitress came fairly quickly, took our drink and appetizer order, and was pleasant and had a great repore with the kids.  That was a plus.

We ordered the Sassy Cow Creamery cheese curds.  Sassy Cow is a local creamery that makes the best chocolate milk I have had and wonderful ice creams and cheeses, so I was excited to get these.  They did not disappoint.  They were easily one of the best rounds of cheese curds I have had since moving to the cheese state.  For the price, however, the portion was definitely small, with the kids getting a curd and a half, and Matt and I got about 2.  They were not tiny, but easily eaten in 2 bites.  Not what I was expecting for the price.

Dinner was a whole other story.  It took longer than expected, considering we were one of 2 tables in that dining room with people sitting there.  She indicated a “large” order had gone in before ours.  There were 3-4 people sitting at the bar and one other table of 4 off the bar area.  Not sure where this large party was or why the service was so slow, but in the end, it was not worth the wait.  Sometimes I don’t mind if the food is great.  It wasn’t.

I had ordered the half chicken with kickin’ coleslaw and garlic mashed potatoes, while Matt had Buck’s chicken with the garlic mashed and fruit plate.  Jacob had the fish fry and fruit, while Owen had the mac-n-cheese with fruit. 

The fruit was all the same basic color…  yellowish-green.  We were told it was a great mix of melon, grapes, and pineapple.  Jake got 3 grapes, Matt and Owen – 0.  It was 90% honeydew and everything was a faded version and none of them finished it – it looked lackluster at best.

While the garlic mashed and coleslaw shined, my chicken was blah and dry, and definitely not something I would order again.  Matt’s chicken was supposed to be topped with onion straws, which it was missing.  After the food came out, getting the kids settled in to eat, a trip to the bathroom with Jacob, and finally finishing his food, the waitress was back to see how things were (as those of you with kids know, this is about 20 minutes – and, she did NOT bring our food out, so it was really more like 30 minutes).  When he mentioned the lack of onion straws, she apologized and asked if he would want to wait for them now.  Nope.  Thanks anyway. 

Owen – Kraft mac-n-cheese. 

And now, my soap box moment.

While, as a mom, I understand the love of the big blue box – there are just some days when nothing else is better… let’s be honest here.  However, when I am going out to a restaurant taunting their use of Sassy Cow products, I expect MAC-N-CHEESE.  Not Kraft.  And, if you serve Kraft, at least give them credit on the menu.  Some places do, and I appreciate that. I know what I am paying for upfront.  We, however, live in the land of milk and cheese and I cannot believe the complete inability to make the real stuff.

Kids are people, too, and deserve real food at a restaraunt.  You wouldn’t serve me that, would you?  No?  Then don’t serve it to my kids, unless I know I am ordering that upfront.

And… I am done.

We skipped desert and the bill was $50.  It was not worth that price and we will not be heading back any time soon.

Overall, I will give it 2 out of 5 stars on my Mommy Scale for family friendliness, service, and food quality.



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  1. This quite funny and very interesting. I do agree about the Kraft Mac n Cheese if they are going to serve it please let me know. I remember when our girls were younger they loved going places that had the blue box. Not sure why but it tasted better at the resturant then it did at home.

    Better luck next time and I look forward to that.

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