tuesday morning

feels like Monday, but it is already Tuesday…

Time to get my emails up to date and get a ton of stuff done at the office today. 

CHA is only a few weeks away and I am soooo excited. 

I am also excited because some of my best friends on the planet will be here this week in Madison – the Lead Fiskateers! 

I cannot tell you how happy getting to see them again makes me.  It is hard in a business like this one.  You make friends from all over the country and world, but then you only get to actually see them a few times a year.  Email and phone is great, but there is nothing better than sitting together to eat, laugh, and just hang out in person.  This will mean a lot of late nights, but I cannot wait to see them!!!

Other than that, there are a few other things on the horizon…  I have almost finished the class portion of my Master Gardening class.  I still have a TON of volunteer hours to do, but it will all come together, I am sure.  My own lawn, well let’s not go there.  Currently the bunnies and the bird-sized mosquitoes are winning the battle over my garden.

Hope you all had a great 4th – I forgot my pics at home, so I will have to load them later…  the boys did great, until the fireworks.  Needless to say, Jake and I spent the evening locked in the bathroom, avoiding the noise.  Maybe next year…

Ok, back to work, but I just wanted to check in!!!

Oh yeah!!!  Totally forgot!  Last week I got to take the boys to swimming lessons on Friday and got to see Owen jumping off the diving board.  It is amazing to watch your kids blossom and change right in front of you.  There is something almost magical about it.

Ok…  now I am really done…

Happy Tuesday!

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