Well, I told you I felt it…  it was there…  and now, we have change!!! 

Next Monday, Matt will be starting a new job.  After 18 months of being a stay-at-home dad, he is heading back to work.  We are both excited.  He is ready to be back at work and I am so happy to be letting go of the stress that this has caused me.  It has been a long, rough time for us, so this is a very welcome change.

One change I am NOT ready for, however, is putting the kids back in daycare.  They did great where they were before, but it has been a long time at home now, so trying to sort that aspect out is hard.  I was really sad to walk in and look at a place for them.  We have found somewhere we like, but I am not looking forward to their first day.  We will be able to keep them at home, thanks to some family help, for a few weeks this summer, but they will be heading back soon…  That makes my heart hurt a bit…  I know it will be fine since we have done this before, it has just been so nice to have them at home with a parent. 

Anyway, I am sure the winds of change are still blowing, as there is still that feeling in the air, but round one of change has occurred…  just wondering what round 2 will be.

In the year of Awesome, change is bound to happen.


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  1. So glad to hear the great news about Matt. And all will be fine with the boys. If there is one thing I have learned with raising kids, it’s they are so great with change. They will make new friends and love it wherever you place them. It’s the parents that don’t do well with it.

  2. So glad he got a job. I can’t even imagine going that long wtihout employment, but I see it everyday in my job.
    I love how God provides for us-in our weakness, He is strong. Awesome.

  3. Congratulations to Matt! Yes, it is hard to put the kids back into a day care program but they will make lots of friends, learn social skills and fun stories to tell around the dinner table!

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