it’s coming

I told you I had been busy working on a project…

If you live in the Madison, WI area…  mark your calendars for June 5th…

Creating Faith: The Worry Project is coming…

More details soon!!!


it’s coming — 2 Comments

  1. sounds interesting. can’t wait to get more details.

    Just last week or the week before, I was very overwhelmed with a lot of things going on at the same time along with this chronic “what to do with this situation” and started a book of God’s Provisions. Sounds similar maybe to what you might be talking about.

    I look forward to getting my worries, etc on paper, then coming back to see how God has provided and seen me through each one-as I know He will.

    So whether this is similar or not, looking forward to seeing what ya have in store and so glad to see ya around again. 🙂

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