gratitude list

It has been another crazy week, so I want to take a moment and be grateful and remember why 2010 is AWESOME!!!

  • Faith
  • Matt
  • Owen
  • Jacob
  • A roof over our heads and food in our bellies
  • Friends who listen and care
  • Family that makes me feel right where I should be and at home
  • Crafting, creating, and playing – it just makes me happy
  • iPhones – just ‘cuz
  • Funny movies that make me laugh
  • Coffee from KwikTrip – closest thing to Dunkin since we moved
  • Checklists because the keep me organized and happy and sane
  • Time with my boys
  • A comfy bed
  • Target – again, just ‘cuz
  • Master Gardener class – I am really learning stuff and it is actually kinda fun!
  • Easter candy
  • Good pizza and good bevs to go with it
  • Calorie counters…  see the 2 items above

That is the start of a list of gratitude for the day.  There is a lot more, but this is a good start I think.

Happy Friday!


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    1. I am actually sitting here now sulking. I need a gratitude list. I think I’ll make me one. thanks!

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