owen’s glasses

I know I mentioned Owen got glasses a few months back.  I decided to share a layout I did of the two of us after he got home from getting them…

Now – we are in jammies and it was the end of a hard day… I am in true mom form, let’s just say…

Anyway… he is SOOOOO much like Matt – same eyes, dimples, smile, kidney issue, etc…  that he was thrilled to get glasses like mom.  He told me we were finally 2 peas in a pod.  What he doesn’t realize is that there is a LOT of me in him too…  just the stuff he can’t see in the mirror.  He is more like me than he might ever know. 

So, here is the layout of my buddy with his glasses.  Enjoy!

I had a blast playing with some of the amazing new goodies from Cosmo Cricket…  buttons, alphas, papers, and stickers – oh my!!!!!!!


owen’s glasses — 5 Comments

  1. He looks so cute! What a handsome guy! You know when we found out my daughter needs glasses I was upset. I don’t have any, that comes from her dad. BUT she loves them and never had any issues adjusting and so on.

  2. love this one steph! he is adorable! isn’t it funny when our children make those connections. good for you momma for capturing that moment in your scrapbooking page!

  3. What a lovely layout, I think he looks fabulous in his glasses – he suits them perfectly.

  4. hehehe. I’ve told my youngest son that if I hadn’t carried him 9 months and given birth to him, I’d SWEAR he wasn’t mine. Not one IOTA of me in there!
    I guess there has to be some, not sure where though. 🙂

    Just got my hands on some Cosmo Cricket-very cool and fun stuff.

    I’m glad Owen is happy that y’all have something in common that he relates to right now, at this moment. cool. 🙂

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