this is it…

the end of 1440 is fast approaching!!!!

Just a quick reminder that you have until the end of the day on Wednesday to get your submission in for your chance to win!

You can post your photos to the flickr group located ***HERE*** for your chance to win!!! 

I cannot wait to see what everyone does!


this is it… — 7 Comments

  1. I worked on some of my pages at Maxine’s crop in WV this weekend. You know how those crops are-we don’t get much croppin’done! I need to getin there and finish up today.

  2. I’m working on taking those pics today. I already have an album to put them in. I’m hoping to make it to the Flikr uploads before tomorrow is over. Nothin’ like slidin’ in at the last minute, eh?!

  3. Printing photos!!! I hope to do mine tonight while my husband is at Cub Scouts. It’s usually a movie night for the boy and I…so I know I’ll have time! YAY!

  4. My pages are posted! woo hoo. After the flat tire this morning, I thougth I might not make it, but it’s there. I haven’t bound it yet, figured I’d take pics first.
    Thansk for the challenge Steph!

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