crafty adventure #1 – crocheted flowers

Now, if you read my blog, you are aware that my grandma was a skilled crocheter.  After her passing, my regret of never really learning how began to set in.  She taught me when I was young, but all I ever made were triangular blankets for my dolls, as I was best at dropping stitches. 

I felt, and still feel, the need to try it again.  This time, however, I am starting small.  I am starting with those pretty flowers I see everywhere now.  I am also starting with one of her hooks, hoping it passes on some amazing crocheting talent that I feel I lack significantly. 

I felt that as I embark on these new crafty adventures, in honor of my grandmother, this should be the first.  So, here is the result…

Now, this is nothing spectacular or even really close to what the woman on the video did, but it was actually the very first attempt I made.  I practiced making a chain stitch and went straight into this.  Not bad for the first thing I have done in about 25 years… 

Here is the video I found that walked me through it step by step.  You might want to know the basic three stitches they use before trying this…  I just kept rewinding and watching it over and over and over again…  It worked for me!

Anyway… now you know how to make a crocheted flower!


crafty adventure #1 – crocheted flowers — 2 Comments

  1. You know I have crocheted all of my life, but with ONLY 1 stitch, I am not kidding, my grandmother taught me a chain stitch and I made 3 blankets using only that stitch…LOL I was so envious of flower makers, I never thought to look on youtube!
    You have inspired me to try one!! I need to pick up the yarn this weekend. Great idea!!

    BTW those chain stitch blankets, my boys loved from birth to about 5, one of them my son ripped because he used it so much, that I had to cut it on half and sew blanket binding on the edges so he could keep it a while longer.

  2. So I have wanted to crochet my whole life, my mom and grandma have tried teaching me for years, and I just don’t get it. Not sure if me being left handed has anything to do with it but it just is to confusing to me. So yesterday I went to my parents house and made my mom watch the video and then she started crocheting away and is making me flowers in every color that she has. Hope I find something to do with them.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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